Konnection Kids



What is Konnection Kids?

Konnection Kids is our children's ministry at Connection Church for children ages 8 weeks to 5th grade. Konnection Kids takes place during both of our 9am services. We exist to partner with families to raise the next generation of disciples. Children are taught the Gospel through a fun and safe environment in a way they can understand. Through Konnection Kids, children also begin building a biblical community that will last throughout their life.

It's my first time here:

You can pre-register your family to worship with us in Konnection Kids here. once you arrive, see one of our connectors (Connection Church volunteers) at the blue tent outside, and let then know you are a first time guest. They will get you and your family checked in and answer any questions you might have!

Safety & Security:

Your child's safety is our first priority. All connectors are required to complete a federal background check, and  are trained to serve in each area of Konnection Kids. We also use a secure system for check-in and pick-up. This system also operates as a paging system for parents/guardians in case we need to reach you during one of our Sunday services.

What To Bring:

Children 8 weeks old - K, will need a diaper bag with a bottle or spill-proof cub labeled with their name, diapers, pacifier, change of clothes etc. If you are in the early stages of potty training, please make sure your child is wearing a diaper or pull-up and let us know how we can help. If your child is 1st-5th grade, all they need is their Bible!

Sickness Policy

If your child is sick or contagious, do not bring them to Konnection Kids.

We want to ensure all of our Children are in a safe and healthy environment.

Here are some signs of sickness:

a fever over 100 degrees, diarrhea, persistent runny nose with green or yellow discharge, ear ache, sore throat, lethargy, hacking or wet-sounding couch, vomiting, or any sort of skin rash.

What's the Check-in process?

At check-in, you will recieve a set of security tags for you and your child. Your child will wear the tag with his or her name on it and you will keep ther other. You will need your secutiry tag that matches your childs in order to pick them up after service. No child will be picked up without a security tag. If for some reason your child were to need you during the service, your child's security number along with "Konnection Kids" will appear on the bottom of the screens in the auditorium.

Who's Teaching My Children?

Our Connectors are the people who will be teaching your children about Jesus at Konnection Kids. Every Connector is thoroughly screened with an interview process, and a federal background check.

If you are passionate about investing in families and children, sign up to be a Connector today!