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What do you mean when you say outreach?

The Bible teaches that we should take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the Earth. When we hear that, we often think: Mission Trips. Mission Trips are great, but at Connection, everything we do is outreach. From our weekly worship experience to helping the homeless find a place to stay, we understand the message of Jesus is for anyone and everyone. We believe every member is a missionary and is called to “go” but that the “where” will look different for every person. Whether it’s across the street or across the globe, every follower of Jesus is meant to live on mission.

How do we care for people?

There are times when people within our church deal with difficult circumstances and need our help. Our Connect Groups offer people an environment to learn, grow, and care for each other. So, when people come across tough situations, it’s their Connect Group that rallies together to help. If you’re not currently connected in a Connect Group, and want to be, please follow this link to learn more or sign up.

What about those outside of the Church?

The body of Christ all has their specific role to play and we believe we are better together. There are great organizations and ministries that serve people in incredible ways in our communities and each year we partner with these agencies financially so they can continue reaching and serving more people.  Each one of our Connect Groups are partnered together with these organizations to better reach our city. Each Connect Group participates in a monthly or bi-monthly outreach project within the organization they are partnered with to form influence and build relationships to better assist in reaching our city.  We don’t believe we have to do it all at Connection, and when we see organizations meeting real needs in our communities, we want to come alongside and support them in their efforts. We believe we are better together. 

We also send yearly mission teams to various places like Haiti, Kenya, and more. These trips take place various times throughout the year and last anywhere from 7 to 10 days. We also partner with ministries like Cafe 1040 to connect people who feel called to becoming full time missionaries abroad. We believe the Bible is very clear that we are called to reach the nations with the good news of the Gospel. There are 7000 unreached people groups in our world that have no access to the Gospel and that doesn’t sit well with us. We are currently investigating ways to be an effective sending Church that puts a large portion of its time and resources towards seeing the unreached nations of the world, reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!